President of KIADA

My name is Bongho Son, a festival director of Korea International Accessible Dance Festival (KIADA).

It already has been 6th anniversary of Korea International Accessible Dance Festival (KIADA), which was started by disabled and non-disabled artists from all over the world, dreaming of excellent accessible dance festival based on all contemporary mutual understanding.

KIADA, which took its first start in 2016 to create Korean style disabled dance, has become one of the important dance festivals in the world's disabled dance industry by presenting various contemporary disability dances.

Even now, KIADA will keep moving on, continue to expand awareness of disabled dance, and maintain social value by leading the diversification of dance. So, we will make efforts a lot to create works that are going to enrich the entire dance industry.

I hope that the disabled dancers,
who will create another beginning of new art beyond their disability, will give a big pleasure to all audiences by their passion and effort from the heart.

Thank you.

President of KIADA Bongho Son

Director of KIADA

Welcome to the official website of KIADA!
This is Youngmook Choi, the director of KIADA Organizing Committee. I would like to thank everyone who visited the KIADA website with a view of the future of dance for the disabled and a deep affection in its growth.

KIADA, which is hosting the 7th festival this year, has planned and prepared various programs to review the present and look forward to the future of dance for the disabled around the world.

There is a growing need to talk and share our views on the development of dance for the disabled.

In line with this movement, we plan to expand and implement various tasks for the growth and change of disabled dance.

We will actively play the role of a driving force for people who love dance for the disabled and dancers with disabilities to move forward together not only in 2022 but also in the future.

Thank you.

Director of KIADA Organizing Committee Youngmook Choi

Artistic Director of KIADA

Greetings, I am Samjin Kim, the artistic director of KIADA.

I hope that dancers around the world will have a communication beyond the barrier of disability by KIADA. We made KIADA and developed it. The sincere efforts and great skills of disabled dancers have always touched and encouraged us.

I believe that the impression that disabled dancers show the audience and the love of audiances for disabled dancers is also big.
I will do the best to develop KIADA by the efforts of all disabled dancers.

Thank you.

Artistic Director of KIADA Samjin Kim