KIADA is an international dance festival
that anyone can access, held every year with
the Republic of Korea as its platform.

KIADA is the first comprehensive
disabled dance festival of the world held in Korea in 2016.
We are designed to try transnational collaboration
between contemporary disabled dance artists and
performing artists to enhance mutual understanding and become a
dance festival for the disabled around the world that everyone can enjoy.

Through the only comprehensive disabled dance festival of the world,
KIADA, Korea's representative K-content, we would like to diversify the performance production environment and information distribution channels for disabled dance, solidify human networks, and spread and share them to disabled dancers around the world.

Various activities for good relationships as a place for exchanges
and communication of dance for the disabled around the world.
Support performance activities so that domestic
and foreign disabled dance artists can collaborate to produce works
Explore various methods for
leveling of dance art for the disabled.
Research and evaluation activities for
the sustainable development of dance for the disabled.