Greetings, I am Suejin Kang, Artistic Director, Korean National Ballet.
I sincerely congratulate the 7th Korea International Accessible Dance Festival (KIADA2022) and would like to express my deep gratitude to all the dance artists who have worked hard to host the meaningful dance festival.

I would like to give warm support and applause to the choreographers and dancers who prepared their performances with various works. I hope that KIADA will continue to be a venue for harmony and communication where all dance artists can freely engage in creative activities.

Suejin Kang
Artistic Director of Korean National Ballet

I believe that everyone is a work of art in itself.
Disabled dancers are the best works of art with.
their own special beauty.
I hope that many people will join us for this impressive and wonderful performance. Congratulations and support for KIADA!

Joowon Kim

“Disabled people have been artists since birth.”
ㅡ Alice Shepherd, American dancer

It is already meaningful that disabled dancers express themselves as they are, and it is something completely new that cannot be seen in existing dances.
I support KIADA, a proud dance festival in Korea that breaks down the boundaries between disabled
and non-disabled people.

Sungyoung Kim
Artistic Director of Daegu City Dance Company

Congratulations on hosting KIADA 2022! Last year, I performed on stage at KIADA 2021 with a work called "Becoming-Dancer" with .

The work, which was performed last year, has been further developed and has been performed at a dance festival currently held in Germany, and another filming is underway in Germany.
I learned a lot and was able to develop further through the exchanges with the wonderful audiences, critics, and other dancers I met through KIADA 2021.
I hope that dancers from various countries around the world who participate in KIADA 2022 will be able to meet many great audiences and present more wonderful creative performances to the audience.

I support all the performers who particitipate in this wonderful festival! Thank you!

Wonyoung Kim
Writer and Dancer